Cancer Genomics and Systems Biology Laboratory

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Current members

Dr. Subhajyoti De is an associate professor at Rutgers Cancers Institute and the PI of the laboratory. Subho did his undergraduate in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, before receiving a PhD from the University of Cambridge and completing postdoctoral research at Harvard School of Public Health. He is driven by how the knowledge of the cancer initiation and progression could be utilized for better detection and treatment of cancer. He enjoys solving puzzles, traveling with family, and reading.

Christine Bellafronte is the Program Administrator for the group in the Center for Systems and Computational Biology. She has been with Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey for the past 23 years. Chris handles all the administrative matters for the group and is happy to help anyone with any problems they may have. She enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Dr. Xiaoju Hu is a postdoctoral fellow who joined the lab in 2019. She previously completed her PhD in Genomics at University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is a bioinformatic scientist interested in using next generation sequencing techniques to understand the cancer instability. She is now using bioinformatic and genomics approaches to determine the functional significance of genomic landscape in predicting drug response.

Bassel Ghaddar studies tumor microenvironment interactions by applying quantitative analyses and machine learning approaches to single-cell genomic sequencing data. He received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University and am current an MD/PhD student at Rutgers. Bassel enjoys sports, hiking, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Dr. Antara Biswas is a postdoctoral fellow in the De lab interested in using both experimental approaches and computational tools to explore intra-tumor heterogeneity and diverse cell states driving tumor progression at single cell level. During her PhD at National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, India, she used cellular assays and omics approaches to map the gene regulation network and cancer specific pathways mediated by JMJD6, a bifunctional histone demethylase and hydroxylase associated with poor survival, specifically in women with breast cancer.

Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh is a postdoctoral fellow who has joined Dr. De’s laboratory in 2021. Previously he completed bachelor and master degree in Biotechnology, before receiving his PhD degree from the University of Delhi in Medicinal Biochemistry for his work on the Insulin Signalling pathway in Dr Bidhan Chandra Koner’s laboratory.

Ali Ghaddar is a junior at UMass Amherst studying Biochemistry and Computer Science. He is a computational research assistant at the De lab, where he uses single-cell sequencing data to study gene signatures in aging and cancer. Ali enjoys playing sports and being outdoors.

Matthew Beier is a medical student at Rutgers, RWJMS with a BS in Chemical Engineering and Masters in Financial Engineering. Prior to medical school he spent eight years on Wall Street, where he gained experience building bespoke programs to model the value of currency and interest rate options. His research in Dr. De’s lab is focused on leveraging the power of numerical methods in cancer genetics to develop personalized treatments for cancer patients.

Kristian Eppley is a senior undergraduate student at Rutgers University. She is majoring in genetics and minoring in psychology. She has been interested in helping people affected by cancer since a young age; she has donated her hair multiple times, and she has participated in many fundraisers that raise money for research, treatment programs, and to help emotionally support the families affected by cancer. Her aim after graduation is to become a genetic counseling assistant and directly work with cancer patients.

Suman Ghosal is a postdoctoral research associate co-mentored by Drs. Christian Hinrichs and Subhajyoti De. He completed his PhD from Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science before doing a postdoctoral training at the NIH. His prior research focused on identifying transcriptomic signatures associated with aggressive and metastatic phenotypes in a rare cancer. He is currently studying evolution of HPV-associated cancers using computational and genomic approaches.

Former members

Dr. Vinod Yadav (2013-15) - research scientist, Morphic Therapeutic

Dr. Kyle Smith (2013-16) - research scientist, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Dr. Anchal Sharma (2016-19) - scientist, Elli Lilly

Dr. Vinod Singh (2018-19) - postdoc, University of Gothenburg

Dr. Chuan Jiang (2016-17) - biomedical scientist, China

Abdul Balaparya (2016-17) - Medical scribe, Boston Children's Hospital

Leila Aghili (2012-15) - research associate, University of Colorado

Arnav Rastogi (2018-20) - student, University of Chicago

Halle Sarkodie (2018-20) - MD student, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Ivy Tran (2018-19) - student, Rutgers University

Elise Merritt (2018-21) - MD student, Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine

Jay Virani (2020-21) - student, Rutgers University

A note for interested candidates

We are an interdisciplinary group. Members of our lab come from diverse backgrounds, with training in computer science, mathematics, engineering, genomics, and molecular biology.

  • Graduate students from the Molecular Biosciences Graduate Program at Rutgers are encouraged to enquire about possibility of a rotation project.

  • Prospective postdoctoral scientists in cancer genomics and computational biology should contact Dr. De over email attaching CV, research statement, recent publications, and contact details of 3 referees.